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New Tesla Model Y jumps in price

Tesla Model Y - front action
News 26 Mar, 2019

Barely a fortnight after its release date, Tesla has increased prices by around £760 across the Model Y’s range

Fixing roads in England and Wales would cost £10bn

News 26 Mar, 2019

New figures suggest it would cost nearly £10bn to restore roads in England and Wales to a “reasonable, steady state”

Mandatory speed limiters due on all cars within three years

News 26 Mar, 2019

European leaders vote to make speed limiters, data loggers and a host of other safety features mandatory on all new cars sold from 2022

One-off Ferrari P80/C track only car unveiled

Ferrari P80/C - front static
News 25 Mar, 2019

Ferrari’s Styling Centre has built a bespoke track-only supercar, inspired by the 330 P3, built on the same underpinnings as the 488

Best rain repellent screen wash 2019

Product group tests 25 Mar, 2019

Which rain repellent screen wash should you put in your reservoir?